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Janya Duangjai


Position:        Diamond Thai Massage’s Director 

Degree:          Master of Science, Khon khan University,

                        Thailand (2009)

Professional: Nurse Practitioner, Thailand 

Experience:   Team leader and Researcher of health and 

                        well-being of Nakhon Ratchasima Public Health,

                        Thailand (2001-2013)


Janya holds a nurse practitioner license of Thailand Nursing Council and has experienced in the medical field for over 10 years. She used to work in primary care units in rural areas of Thailand. Without technology available in the areas, she developed analyzing skills in order to maintain a standard of care and performance. One of her achievements was when she helped about 30 maternity ladies to deliver the babies in the villages. Some of the ladies' families had given the babies name after her “Janya” and said this was for their wonderful memory. Another one of the most impressive moment was about a mother of a sixteen-month-old baby boy, she was carrying her son with her tear, coming to Janya and asking for helping her child who struggled to breathe properly. As his skin turned blue at that time, no one had any idea what was happening. The only thing Janya could think of was he might have had an obstruction in his airway. She immediately lifted the baby’s leg up and firmly tapping on his back. Instantly he started to cry very loudly and his skin turned to be normal colour. She was so excited, felt relieved, and thankful that she saved his life. Given that she has saved many lives and helped them to improve their quality of life, she is very proud of what she has achieved.


As her personal interests, Ms. Duangjai loves to study and does some researches. She believes everything always has two sides to its story. Nature is about balance.  She believes “if you understand nature rules, you understand life”. Nature rules are causes and effects. Sometimes people are able to control it. However people can never ever stop the power of nature. 

Janya has skills in management, human resource, and leadership. She used to be the director of the medical unit in NakhonRatchasima University, Thailand during 2001-2011. The unit was a cooperation project between the province health official and a university. This project was conducted for taking care of the wellbeing of the population in university and nearby areas where there were about 30,000 people under the care. One more of Janya proudly story that she gave counseling to a student which saved her from suicide.

Janya also conducted research which was called “The chemical residue in farmers’ blood and how to eliminate the toxin” in the Nongpru hospital region, 2013. They were 80 sample farmers who had the chemical blood test and the 50 samples who found the toxin was treated with specific herbal drink. The result of her research showed that after 50 farmers underwent research procedures for three months, they had a good reaction with their different levels of chemical residue dropped.




Currently Janya successfully runs her own business which is related to natural therapy.    In addition, she uses her medical professional and skills into her job and has been helping a number of customers improving their health issues also enhance the wellbeing. She has learned natural therapy and has a passion for traditional treatments. Her perspective the traditional therapies are holistic care. For her modern treatments are individual care and most of them are only for short term management. Even though Traditional medicine takes time for cure, it helps to build a relationship between practitioners and patients to understand and solve the health issues properly. It is one of the effective alternative treatments from modern medicine.  

Her expertise in eastern Asia therapy is Thai massage, Cupping, and Gua Sha treatments. Contact her now to learn more about how she can help with your problems. 

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