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available: Monday, Tuesday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday
From 10.00 am. -   7.00 pm.
Keel experienced therapeutic massage therapist in Thailand for 2 years. She had been working as a massage therapist she also had experienced administration of a bank in Thailand for 2 years. 
Her duties were related to the financial officer she had to sit long and working on the computer all day, from that job was build up her health issues which she had severe
headaches and migraine.       

She went to the doctor and had pain relieves medication but it just short term pain relief she still suffering from persistent headaches. One-day she decided to get a massage to see if it can help with her health problems then she found it does improve with her headache and no more suffering from migraines. from that result was inspiring her to change the destination of her career. 
She realized that she likes to caring and helping people more than sitting in the office with a computer all day as her previous job. Therefore she took the massage course and became a massage therapist. Every message she has she put her heart on her job and does it the best she can and wish to all clients have well-being. She always proud of the good results and well affected by the customers.
Her expert in traditional Thai yoga massage which is good for body flexibility, she also good in Thai oil deep tissue.

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